What I Eat In A Day: Full Time Job Edition [vegan]

I have always found it easy to eat healthily when I am at home all day. I have time to cook, I prepare fresh meals and I can skip out to the grocery store whenever I want. Now I have a full time job which makes it a lot harder, especially because I just started a few weeks ago so I’m often tired and exhausted.

Here’s how I still manage to stay somewhat healthy.

20161120_184110For breakfast I always prepare my food the night before. At the moment, overnight oats are my way to go. Throw in some oats, chia seeds, flaxseeds, nuts and fruit, add cashew milk, done. In the morning all I have to do is get the mason jar out of the fridge, make some coffee and I have a great start for my day. I posted a recipe for an Overnight Oats Porridge a few weeks ago which is also  super easy and super quick.

I thought that lunch was going to be the biggest challenge but then I started to make a big bowl of salad on Sunday’s that I can just take to work every day of the week. Of course, sometimes I’ll still get a falafel sandwich or a wrap with my colleagues, but in general I take my food with me. Last week I made this vegan pasta salad, this week it’s a bulgur lentil salad. I get creative every Sunday and already look forward to eating the salad the next day.


Now, surprisingly, dinner is my problem at the moment. It takes me almost an hour to get home from work, sometimes pretty late, so I am usually starving by the time I get home. I mostly throw some veggies into a pan, fry them and eat them with pasta or rice. That’s fine for now, but I love to cook and it’s a bit sad that I don’t really cook much anymore except for these quick and easy things or during the weekend. I am still in the process of figuring out how I can make this easier for me, maybe I’ll cut up stuff before and plan my meals so that I have all the ingredients there and I just need to cook. I’ll keep you updated.

Since I often get hungry during the day, I always bring some snacks with me to work. Usually a banana and a bag of nuts which I keep on my desk at my office. My colleagues often have cookies and stuff like that, but since they usually aren’t vegan I am not even tempted. Plus, I have my own snacks so I’m good.

If anyone has experience with maintaining a healthy diet while having a full time job – I’d love suggestions!


After-Vacation Breakfast (or: Overnight Oats Porridge)

Ever got home after being on vacation and didn’t feel like going shopping right away? Well, depending on how long you’ve been gone, most things in your flat won’t be edible anymore. I have just the thing for you – vegan, healthy, easily prepared and the best thing is, all the things you need are things that you should always have at your flat anyway! (i promise they won’t spoil. unless you’ll be gone for a few years, that might be a problem)


I got the recipe from a woman in New Zealand, I lived with her for a few weeks and she made this. You can always add fruit, of course.


chia seeds
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds

(but really, which ever nuts and seeds you prefer is fine!)


Quite simple. You layer the ingredients in a glass (for example a mason jar with a lid) and add about the same amount of water as dry ingredients. Put the lid on, put it in the fridge overnight and take it out in the morning. Pour the mixture in a pot and add a bit of water (you can also add almond or rice milk if you have the non-perishable version. or if you haven’t actually been on holiday, just add whichever you have at home). Heat it up for a few minutes (on my stove, two are literally enough) and stir it. Done!

I enjoyed mine today with some fresh coffee – best way to start the day!