A Letter To My 30-Year-Old Self

Inspired by Ellie and her post “Dear 25-Year-Old Me” I decided to write to my 30-year-old self.


Dear Natalie.

How are you? Are you happy? Remember when you wrote this a little over five years ago? You just came back from traveling the world for 18 months, you went back to your old flat and found a job within a month. When you wrote this letter, you were just a few weeks away from starting that job and you were stuck between traveling and real life.

How did that job work out for you? Are you still there? Did it make you as happy as you thought it would? I bet it was hard at first, but I hope that your colleagues were as nice as they seemed in the beginning and that your boss was understanding about the days you needed off.

How is the concert thing going? Are you still traveling all over your place for your favourite bands? Are Tokio Hotel still performing? And what about 30 Seconds To Mars? I hope you made some great memories with them and they didn’t disappoint you in the end. If you’re still in contact with the friends you made, send them a message. Ask how they are. You really had the best times with them.

Did you get more tattoos? Do you regret any of the ones you got when you were younger? Remember that they meant the world to you at the time, so there really is no reason to regret any of them. You got them for a reason.

Do you have a cat? There was always a reason why you didn’t get one and I hope you got over that. You love cats so much, if you don’t have one yet, you should really consider it now.

Are you still thinking about moving to Canada permanently? Or do you maybe live there now? If not, just apply for that permanent residence. What’s the harm? They might say no or you might decide to stay in Germany. Or live in a different country. That’s okay, too.

How is your family? How are your friends? Give them a hug from me because they’ve been there for you during some hard times, they deserve that hug.

Are you still vegan? If you’re not I hope you know what you’re doing and I think you should reconsider. If you are, congrats! You made it to six years and almost twelve of being vegetarian!

I hope you’re happy, wherever you are. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, still traveling the world or staying at home. I hope you surround yourself with great people that support you in whatever you are choosing to do with your time. I know that you will make the right choice. I hope you love yourself.

There was a time in your life when you didn’t think that you’d make it to 30, so I’m so proud of you that you did.


Your 24 year old self.


I am thinking about printing this letter, putting it in an envelope and giving it to my Mum so she can give it to me for my 30th birthday. Have you ever done something like that or similar?