Hi! My name is Natalie, if you’ve met me before I became a boring adult, you might also know me as Naty. Or Nat. Whatever suits you, apparently people like to shorten my name.

I’m 24 years old, finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work two years ago and decided to travel the world. Which I did, for 18 months. You’ll see some posts about that on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled (worst expression ever, why would you peel your eyes?). After having a blog about that experience for my family and friends in German, which everyone loved, I decided to keep writing about other stuff. Will anyone care? I don’t know. Will I have fun anyway? Definitely!

I have officially been living in Hamburg since I was 19, and that’s where I’m planning to stay for a while now. I’ve been vegetarian for six years, part time vegan for some of those years and full time vegan since I got back from my travels. Since I spent more than two years of my life in Canada, I also consider myself Canadian. My passport might not agree, but maybe one day it will.

Concerts are my passion, I sometimes go to ten concerts in like three weeks. I love my bands, I follow them on their tour, I cross country borders. Rockstars are my best friends (sometimes literally). I’ve been in Bill Kaulitz’ arms, Simple Plan’s tourbus and on stage with 30 Seconds To Mars. My other passion is traveling, obviously. Jared Leto has inspired me to live my dreams.

I love languages, I’m fluent in English and German, basically fluent in French and I am able to follow a basic conversation in Spanish and Portuguese. Horseback riding is something that I find relaxing and one of the best things in the world. Tattoos are my favourite form of art and I might show you mine, one day.

Want to know more about why I live to run? Keep an eye out for posts on my blog.