Why It’s Not Okay To Lecture Me About My Diet Just Because I’m Vegan

“I don’t like vegans because they always try to lecture me.”

Yeah, right.

I won’t lie – there are vegans who are pretty ‘fanatic’ and have to bring up the discussion of meat vs no meat vs being vegan at every opportunity. Most aren’t like that. On the other hand, try being vegan and sitting down with a bunch of omnis at a restaurant.

Recently, I drove my grandparents to their friends’ house and we all decided to go for lunch. The only option for me was a salad, which was fine because I wasn’t there for myself but just to accompany my grandparents. I didn’t say a single word about food that day. Out of the blue, the woman turned to me and said “Being vegan is SO unhealthy, I really think you should stop that.” Like – what the fuck? Why did she feel that it was okay to criticize my diet? She kept talking about how unhealthy it is (all while eating her pork swimming in sauce with fries on the side – okay) and even tried to talk about a doctor who had apparently told her son how unhealthy being vegan was. All while I was still sitting there quietly, contemplating what to say while my grandma was embarrassed. I just told her that the doctor was wrong and that I am sure that I get all the nutrients I need, and that I didn’t want to discuss my choices. I would’ve said more, but my grandma was already embarrassed.

I don’t understand. Why do I have to defend my diet while eating meat is totally acceptable? Even being super unhealthy is more accepted than eating vegan.

People feel like they have the right to comment on alternative diets but I can’t criticise a conventional diet including meat and dairy because then I’m just a fanatic vegan stereotype. Regarding food, I really keep to myself, I don’t comment on anyone’s diet – healthy or unhealthy, meat or no meat, because frankly, it is a personal choice. While I love to educate those who are interested, I never bring it up unprompted.

So now, pray tell, why can’t omnivores give me the same common courtesy?

Have a picture of my super unhealthy food choice this morning:



2 thoughts on “Why It’s Not Okay To Lecture Me About My Diet Just Because I’m Vegan

  1. Totally identify with everything you said here. I can’t count the number of times that this sort of thing has happened to me. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where an overweight chain smoker could sit there eating fried chicken and it would still be socially acceptable for him to question your health hahaha. I’m sure that’s all changing quite rapidly though. (Or, at least I hope so!)


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