After-Vacation Breakfast (or: Overnight Oats Porridge)

Ever got home after being on vacation and didn’t feel like going shopping right away? Well, depending on how long you’ve been gone, most things in your flat won’t be edible anymore. I have just the thing for you – vegan, healthy, easily prepared and the best thing is, all the things you need are things that you should always have at your flat anyway! (i promise they won’t spoil. unless you’ll be gone for a few years, that might be a problem)


I got the recipe from a woman in New Zealand, I lived with her for a few weeks and she made this. You can always add fruit, of course.


chia seeds
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds

(but really, which ever nuts and seeds you prefer is fine!)


Quite simple. You layer the ingredients in a glass (for example a mason jar with a lid) and add about the same amount of water as dry ingredients. Put the lid on, put it in the fridge overnight and take it out in the morning. Pour the mixture in a pot and add a bit of water (you can also add almond or rice milk if you have the non-perishable version. or if you haven’t actually been on holiday, just add whichever you have at home). Heat it up for a few minutes (on my stove, two are literally enough) and stir it. Done!

I enjoyed mine today with some fresh coffee – best way to start the day!


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