A New Beginning

Well, hi there. Maybe a cliche start. Maybe a cliche blog. Maybe not though.

This is not my first blog. I had one when I was younger (it’s off the internet now, believe me, not worth reading) and then I had one for the past 18 months, where i documented my travels around the world. It was mainly for my family and friends and for that reason it was in German, most of them don’t speak English well enough (for those of you who speak German or just like to look at the pictures, it’s mainly in diary style). Inspired by one of my best friends Tina and a Portuguese girl I met a long time ago, Ines, I decided to keep writing – I love writing, always have, always will. I’ve written for newspapers, small and big, for online magazines, and now I decided to share something a bit more personal with the internet. Hence this blog.

I have traveled a lot in the first 24 years of my life and I plan to do the same in the future, so look forward to some adventures. I’ll also share some thoughts about backpacking, living in a car, certain destinations, etc. I have lots of ideas, so expect a lot of posts about that. A second main theme of this blog will be veganism. I’ve been a vegetarian for six years, some of those vegan, but after coming back from traveling I decided to be completely vegan. Mainly for ethical and health reasons, I might go into that one day. Expect recipes, restaurant tips, how to be vegan in different countries.. Who knows what else I might think of. The rest of the posts will be personal (expect me to go deep, I have a passion for self exploration, reflection and inspirational stuff) and lifestyle (redecorating my place for example, because that’s my next big project). There might be some social justice posts because I’m a feminist with all my heart.

Read a bit more about me on my about page – if you have any questions, ask away. If you have a great blog, let me know, I’m looking for more great blogs to follow.


If you want to find out why I live to run, stay tuned.


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